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Score Wizard

Score Wizard now makes it easier for your borrowers to reach their target credit score, which can make all the difference for a consumer in the current mortgage market. Raising a score by as little as 10 or 20 points may be all that is needed for approval.

With Score Wizard, you can quickly and easily generate a detailed analysis of the consumer’s credit score, including suggestions on how it can be improved, plus you can:

• Generate separate analysis for 1, 2 or 3 bureaus
• Generate analysis for co-borrower
• View/print applicant invoice
• Pay-by-credit card
• Easily view/print report from history

But that's not all you can do with this first-of-a kind credit advisory tool! Using our What If Simulator, you can simulate changes to the consumer's credit file and predict the score that results from those changes. After your borrower has taken the actions recommended by the Wizard, forward the supporting documents to our Score Plus Program and within as little as 72 hours we will update their credit bureau files to reflect the new score – and you will have become a trusted advisor to your borrower.

Key benefits of this valuable tool for increasing business volume include:

Easy access via Credit Plus website
Four sequential elements to the Web application:
Analyzer looks at the positive and negative factors influencing the borrower’s credit score
Advisor suggests how to maximize and improve both the score and over all financial standing
What-If Simulator demonstrates the impact that actions such as adding or removing accounts and correcting errors could have on the credit score – letting the broker predict the results
Score Plus updates and rescores credit files in as little as 72 hours after the borrower has taken the actions recommended and supporting documents have been forwarded

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